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Commercial Cleaning

Shine Diligent Cleaning  Services (SDCS)  is a high quality professional cleaning service that is set up to meet the needs of the Commercial cleaning clients in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.  Whether you have a small office, a large commercial building or you have a number of sites with various requirements, our cleaning team will help you keep a great environment and create a welcoming space for your employees and customers. We will support and provide you with the service you require.

Shine Diligent Cleaning Services provides commercial cleaning services in a variety of industries including:


. Office Cleaning 

. Retail Cleaning

 . Hotels & Airbnb's Cleaning 

. Warehouses & Factories Cleaning

. Construction & After-builders Cleaning

. Restaurants Cleaning & Kitchen Degreasing

. Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

. Schools & University Cleaning

. Kitchen Showrooms Cleaning

. Car Showrooms Cleaning

. Housekeeping & Hospitality

. And Much More !!

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