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Coronavirus Cleaning

With the current covid-19 pandemic, we know it is stopping some people from returning back to school and work. People have got the fear of catching the virus, it is therefore important to control the risk. So here At Shine Diligent we are offering specialist covid-19 cleaning services to our clients in the West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. We offer specialist cleaning and decontamination services to sanitize buildings to help reduce the risk of your employees and customers from catching the virus.

 As well as providing the commercial covid cleaning we will also offer domestic cleaning services to residential properties, we will offer the services following exposure to viruses and infections such as the Covid-19 coronavirus.  Our cleaning team will use specialist equipment to quickly decontaminate your space.

To ensure that we are protecting our cleaning team, we will advise them to wear sterile disposable overalls, hats, masks, gloves and protective footwear. After cleaning with sterilising chemicals, the areas are sealed and taped-off.


Whether your business is open now, or you are planning to reopen, as a company our cleaning team will clean and sanitize all surfaces where the virus may have landed on, we will clean from top to bottom using specialised products and chemicals. We will provide two main covid19 cleaning, this will be fogging cleaning and touch point cleaning, we will do this to make sure you can safely operate and protect your employees.

What is fogging?

Our cleaning team will carry out a fogging deep cleaning in your home or office, using this is certified to kill all covid-19 traces. This fomula helps and kills the virus on all surfaces. The formula helps decrease the virus transmission from person to person and kills the virus on all surfaces.


What is Touch Point Cleaning?

Touch point cleaning is cleaning the most frequently touched surface areas within your premises. Regularly touched surfaces within your workspace are likely to include the following, Telephone equipment, Computer keyboards & mouse. Lifts , work surfaces & desktops , Lifts , Handrails , canteen furniture, door handles , Light switches, kitchens sinks, Toilets dispensers, taps, flush handles,. By cleaning these areas it reduces the chance of spreading on the germs and viruses to other people and to other rooms and areas of the workplace, making it safe for individuals to return back to work.

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